Advanced Massage & ThaiYoga Therapy - Specializing in Sports Performance and Pain Management
Offering Yoga Instruction & Personal Training:
Rates for limited time:
1 on 1 training:
1 session    - $60hr 
5 sessions   - $55hr = $275
10 sessions - $50hr = $500
Group of 2 or more training:
1 session    -$35 apiece
5 sessions  -$30 apiece
10 session  -$25 apiece
***********************UNIQUE SPECIAL OFFERING *****************************
30 minutes of personal training/yoga instruction
                   +                                 = $70   
30 minutes of Thai Massage/Sports Stretching
Certified ACE(American Council on Exercise) Group Fitness Instructor since 2007
Completed 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Winter/Spring 2011 with Qi Yoga and Dawnelle Arthur
My philosophy of my personal training integrates the principles of functional training with a emphasis on mindful strength training and mindfulness. The mind/body connection is strengthened and nurtured through yoga asanas, or postures.  Additionally, concepts of interval training, cardio strength training, tabata exercises, and plyometrics may be employed depending upon the focus, goals, and level of fitness of each client and session.
Functional training integrates a variety of exercises that work on strength, power, balance, flexibility, agility, etc.  Increased core stability is of essence and importance, as it allows more efficient transference of power from upper to lower body and vice versa.  Functional training involves performing work against resistance in such a manner that the improvements in strength directly enhance the performance of movements in everyday daily living.  Functional training attempts to adopt and utilize exercises allowing individuals to perform the activities of daily life with more ease and without injuries.  It involves mainly weight-bearing activities especially targeting core muscles of the abdomen and lower back.
A sense of mindfulness instills a greater presence in the moment and greater awareness of the exercises being performed.  Mindfulness entails paying attention to the present moment without judgment. It nurtures clarity and growth is while transformation occurs in all aspects of life, particularly in levels of body and mind.  Through the use of yoga asanas, greater strength, balance, awareness, calmness, flexibility, core strength, and healthy mind is achieved. 
TRX Suspension Training, exercise bands, dyna/versa disks, bosu balls, medicine balls, weights, and other apparatus may be utilized in a training session. Bodyweight is utilized as a powerful tool in the process, while heavy weight and machine training is deemphasized.  Other tools and techniques that may be used include visualization, breathing and basic pranayama exercises along with Thai and sports massage techniques.
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