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Photo of my graduating class at the Old Medicine Hospital of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Oct 2008
Myself after making a thai herbal ball in class at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai.
Picture of the coastline on beautiful Ko Phangan island in southern Thailand around dusk.  The scenery was amazing, particularly the contrast of colors of the blue ocean, the lush foliage of the island, and the colorful sky.
Myself and an Indian I met in Rishikesh, India alongside the banks of the Ganges river.  I took the photo myself at a popular location where many Indians go swimming and bathing in the sacred River. My presence attracted the attention of many Indians who were not too accustomed to seeing white westerners such as myself in this location of the country randomly walking around.
     As this stretch of the Ganges is just emerging from the Himalayan Mtns, it is relatively clean and not nearly as polluted and filthy as further stretches further down its path.
Photo of one of the Annapurna Mountains in the Annapurna Mountain Range in western Nepal.  This mountain is over 26,000 ft.  During a 6 day mountain trek in the Annapurna Sanctuary, my views of the high peaks were limited to 1 five minute period early in the morning one of the days.  Otherwise they were covered in thick clouds, as I happened to be there during monsoon season in the month of May 2008.  The waterfalls during trek were mind-blowing.
One of my Thai massage teacher, Mr. Roeng, on the island of Ko Phangan in Thailand.  Here he is holding a dead king cobra, one in which he had to kill as it was behind his massage business and nearby tourist lodging.  Later he and some friends ate it, a delicious feast I missed out on.  They said eating it enhances ones vitality and boosts energy. 
Standing next to King Rama rock on island of Ko Phangan.
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